Wick and Fable Candles Review – Mordor

Hey everyone! Remember when I reviewed The Melting Library Candles. Well since then i have found a few new places where i like to get my candles form or want to. In this case though i have went and got my self a candle form Wick and Fable. There isn’t a lot of contact information on the site itself about who runs this site but there is a po box on it so that better than nothing. But i have to say one of my favorite things about this company is that they are supper friendly. i have reached out to this company many times as a customer and i have always gotten a good response that was very nice and well friendly.

So form this company i have bought two candles so far, the one i will be talknig to you today about can be found in their LORT section of candles.


This is what their website says about this candle.

• Notes: Crackling Fire, Warm Amber, Cedarwood, Mountain, Patchouli, Ash
• Scent Strength: Strong
• 9 oz. Jar is 3.5″ tall and 3″ in diameter with an approximate burn time of 65+ hours.
• Weight is around 1 lb
• Materials: Glass jar, 100% all-natural soy wax, cotton wick, dye chips and fragrance oils.
Our candles are created using the highest quality soy wax, fragrances and dye. All of our candles are hand poured each candle in small batches which means your candle may have slight cosmetic imperfections. This will not effect the burn time or scent of the candle.
We use all natural soy wax which is environmentally friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. We make our candles in 100% reusable glass jars and tins which can be easily cleaned in case you would like to keep the jars and tins.
As it says the Scent is very strong so if your one of those people who like to have a wif of a candle once and a while this is not the candle for you. This candle fills a room with its scent and its strong. But not in the bad kind of way if that makes sense. The candle is made from Soy wax and is environmentally friendly so that is a good thing. All in all I have to say that i am very excited about this candle, and i cant wait to get my Autume candle and try that out along with the rest of their ACOMAF candles.
My only thing is when it comes to candle im melter, i dont light them on fire to burn them i melt them. I would really love to see in a shop a option for those weirdos like me to get a wick-less candle and save both me and them something. Also i would love to have a cracking wood candle in Mordor to add to the effect. Just something to think about.
Well till next time here at the nook!

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