Draw Your Weapons

Draw your Weapons by Sarah Sentilles, is not the normal book I tend to read. But I should say that I am glad I decide to reach out side of my box for this one.

For those of us who love art, the history of art this is a book for you to read. It was an insight and just an expose of war that I wasn’t aware off. I have done projects on the desolation of what World War II had done in art world but this book; this book moved me very much so.

Getting past the unique writing style I should I say the profound way of how Sarah gets her points across. The book flows to were you don’t want to put it down, where you become something outside of yourself and you must keep reading. You become inspired and informed over a narrative that is so its own that you can’t help be feel changed at the end of a book like this.

One of my favorite quotes is this one….

A beautiful, harrowing, and moving collage that portrays the making of art as a powerful response to making war. Every reader will feel profoundly changed by it.’
Alice Elliott Dark”

So thank you netgalley for this book! All thoughts and options are my own.

But till next time at the Nook!




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