15 Bookish Facts about E.

Hey, guys so currently I’m working on some things, so  I don’t have a review to put up but I thought it would be fun to do a random fact blog for all of you. So here we go!

  1. I will always buy hard cover over paperback it just looks better on my shelves.
  2. When I hit the reading zone I can read up to 100 pages an hour.
  3. I have never met an author…. (This is going to change come September!!)
  4. I spend way too much time looking for good deals on the book, and or book covers I want.
  5. Start talking about books around me and my introvert will turn extrovert it a hot minute.
  6. I have an Instagram where I mainly take pictures of books….
  7. My family doesn’t completely understand my love for the written word but they deal with it ok-ish
  8. I would be more than happy to get barns and nobles gift cards for birthdays and Christmas
  9. Up in till last year, I had never read the Harry Potter series I thought it was silly.
  10. The book that got me into reading was “Wings” by Aprilynne Pike
  11. I like candles but if they are bookish themed one, it is amazing!
  12. The first website I started to buy book form was Thriftbooks, where I spent way too much too fast.
  13. Thanks to Bookstagram, I have made many friends through I am the really quite one on there.
  14. I read anytime of the day, no set time.
  15. My favorite type of book is fantasy!


So now you all get to know me a bit better! I hope yall enjoyed this. I know I did. But until next time I’ll see you around the nook!



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